Our Building CommUNITY campaign will Launch Laurel Ridge into the Next Generation! This campaign is Donor Centered, Volunteer Led, Board driven and staff supported!


Our Mission Statement: Laurel Ridge is a mountain place set apart for forming disciples of Jesus Christ who live and learn in community to serve in the world.


Our Campaign Goal: Through this campaign and improved financial viability, Laurel Ridge aims to improve our guest experiences and to be debt free by the end of 2028.


Our Need: For generations, leaders at Laurel Ridge have taken great care to steward available facilities in order to continue to serve children, families, and congregations of the Province and surrounding communities. Today, the growing usage of Laurel Ridge Camp Conference and Retreat Center, by both Moravian and Non-Moravian organizations, has allowed us to stabilize operations and strengthen our ministry. Continuing to increase our usage is critical to our long-term ministry. But already, this increased usage has also created a challenge. There is simply not enough appropriate space to accommodate multiple groups at one-time, in Higgins Lodge. Additionally, today’s adult guest requires a different level of comfort. Many guest groups do not utilize our Bishop’s Wing, and many groups choose not to book when this is our only accommodation option. Additional meeting space and housing, along with better guest amenities, will increase the marketability and sustainability of the ministry and improve the efficiency of our staffing operations. In order to accomplish this, we plan to take action on the following projects:


The Plan:

Phase 1: Solar Power Installation at Higgins Lodge and Tise Lodge

Generating electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels, as well as passive solar hot water preheating at Higgins Lodge and Tise Lodge, will positively impact the financial viability of the facilities. Saving nearly $6,000 per year in energy costs, alone these improvements impact the greater mission of Laurel Ridge.

  • The suggested 24 Kwh roof mounted solar array will feed directly into the grid where Laurel Ridge will be compensated for the electricity generation, no onsite storage is planned at this time.
  • Coupled with more efficient fixtures, the installation of solar power portrays the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship, to Laurel Ridge staff, board, and guests.
  • Pay off on the equipment ranges from 13 – 25 years depending on the facility and the size of the system.


Phase 2: Bishop’s Wing and Higgins Lodge Renovation

Mini Splits will allow each room’s temperature to be maintained independently, reduce moisture, and increase efficiency relative to current appliances. Instant hot water heaters will lead to a more efficient use of floor space and reduce electricity consumption. Private bathrooms will greatly impact the guest experience as significantly as any part of this campaign, providing each guest with the expected privacy associated with a high quality retreat destination.

  • Installation of upgraded fixtures will elevate the guest experience and encourage groups to choose retreat accommodations in the Bishop’s Wing.
  • A new floor plan, including private bedrooms and bathrooms will grant each guest the privacy demanded with the type of groups that visit Laurel Ridge.
  • A mini-split is an air handler in each room, allowing each room to be independently climate controlled. These units are extremely efficient, and we anticipate a significant reduction in energy costs, due to the removal of baseboard heating.
  • Centrally located instant hot water heaters, supported by the passive solar hot water system, will increase capacity while improving cost effectiveness. Removal of traditional hot water heaters increases floor space in most rooms and decreases electricity consumption.


Phase 3: Tise Lodge Renovation and Expansion

Mini Splits allow each room’s temperature to be maintained independently, reduce moisture, and increase efficiency relative to current appliances. Upgraded fixtures, and an addition to the Loft and bathrooms. increase the marketability of the facility.

  • Similar to the improvements made at Higgins Lodge, the goal at Tise is to improve financial sustainability and creature comforts that affect guest experience.
  • A 12′ expansion to the bathrooms and loft allow us to reconfigure the usage of common spaces, granting a larger kitchen, designated dining room, and revitalized use of the loft.
  • Upgraded fixtures will create a truly unique mountaintop retreat that is influential to the success of any group getaway. We want people to talk about the amazing experience at Laurel Ridge, not the things that need to be improved.
  • New hot water heaters and climate control bring new comfort factors to the facility while introducing greater efficiency and reduced energy usage.
  • Tise is a traditionally under-utilized building that has tremendous profit potential, as well as, opportunity to greatly impact the guest experience of any retreat.


A successful campaign will… yield results that carry Laurel Ridge through the generations, giving youth and adults a place to meet God, in a mountain place set apart. For years to come, people will be greeted with amenities that support their visit and create an environment in which they can more easily retreat from the stresses of their lives.


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